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Case Study: Larry McClendon, National Insurance Agency

Dallas, Texas - National Insurance Agency (NIA) is committed to the success of over 6,500 agents around the country. NIA provides insurance agents with top rated carriers, training, information, and motivation.


Before integrating a quote engine into the NIA website, updating agents on rate changes was difficult and expensive. Larry McClendon, CEO and president of NIA, watched as thousands of dollars were spent every time they needed to mail out updated rate discs to their 6,500+ agents.

Introducing new agents to NIA meant another expensive mailing, and didn't always grab their attention. Says Larry, "When you send a kit out to an agent, they'll lay it off to the side and maybe they'll get to it when they have time."

Larry also knew his agents' productivity was being slowed down by switching between a variety of quoting formats offered by carriers.


Larry and his team decided to partner with Norvax to provide their agents with one central location for instant quoting of NIA's primary carriers.

Tools used:
Agency quote engine 

Case Study Results

Saves at least $20,800 per mailing
With the assistance of Norvax, NIA is able to email their agents links to updated product brochures and rates, saving them thousands of dollars.

"I can not tell you how much postage we would spend in a mailing, in one mailing, to get discs, to get rates, to get brochures, all that information to an agent to introduce a product," says Larry. "Talking tens of thousands of dollars. When we have 6,500 agents and we've got to do a major mailing… do the dollar figure. Each kit is $3.20 at the very least. That's a lot of money."

"Norvax has been very very responsive with any type of change that we needed, and very courteous."

Centralized, instant online quoting
Now NIA agents are able to visit the company's website and click one button to begin instant quoting of NIA's primary carriers. Easier access has increased the number of quotes NIA agents run per day.

Says Larry, "With Norvax, you go on there, quote it, [and] it's done. Agents in today's market are not going to jump through hoops when time is money. And they're going to go in there and try to learn a new password and download it from the carrier? Just go to Norvax. Quote it. You're done."

Improved introduction to new agents
Online rating through Norvax allows NIA to swap costly intro kit mailings for more effective and affordable emails.

Adds Larry, "With Norvax, we can send an email blast to our field, and put a link on there to the Norvax website. And it's there. It's in their inbox versus the amount of money we used to spend on sending a kit to thousands of agents across the country."

Saves time and effort
Now that NIA doesn't have to send updated software every time rates or products are updated, as shown in this insurance case study, they are able to focus on more productive activities.

"I think Norvax has been so responsive when we need to make a change as far as IT support, limiting the deductibles, changing the deductibles that we want agents to view, different coinsurance options. They've been very very responsive with any type of change that we needed, and very courteous."

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