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Case Study: Phil Daigle,

Laguna Beach, California - Phil Daigle, CEO of, has been pioneering online health insurance for nearly a decade. Today his agency quotes in over 40 states. Let's take a look at his insurance case study:


Phil saw the advantage of online quoting back in 1998, when he hired an IT person to develop a proprietary quote engine. As more companies entered the field, maintaining rates and staying competitive with new insurance technology became increasingly difficult.

Phil's agent team also had no way to get back to prospects who requested a quote on their website. He says, "It wasn't until [prospects] requested an application that we gathered information so we could follow up with them. And that really became an outdated concept. So once the business became very competitive, we had to be more aggressive about following up on our leads."


Phil brought in a software developer to discuss upgrading his site. Says Phil, "He asked me about who was already providing these services and said, 'You know what? Not a good idea. Just buy it from somebody else.' It was like a light bulb had turned on. I'm in the insurance business, not the quoting business."

Phil decided to make the move from building his own technology to using the Norvax quoting and lead management systems for agents.

Tools used:
Agency quote engine 
Agency lead management


Saves up to $60,000 a year in IT expenses
Switching to the Norvax quoting system allowed Phil to instantly save $3,000 to $5,000 a month in IT, as found in the case study. He says, "I spend about a small percentage of that with Norvax. And that includes the ability to quote nationwide, and BrokerOffice, autoresponders. Plus it's your worry, not my worry, to be compliant and have rates up to date and all of that. I sleep better at night."

More time focused on agency
Phil was spending 80% of his time looking after his website and maintaining his quote engine. Thanks to his Norvax quoting system, "I spend virtually no time with that. So I get to be a CEO. I get to plot the direction of the company, make sure we've got good people who are well-trained."

"I'm saving $3,000 to $5,000 a month."

Lead data imported instantly
Using the lead management features of AgencyOffice, Phil is able to capture lead information from every visitor who requests a quote on his website.
"You see who your lead is instantly," he says. "You can choose to call them immediately if you want."

Autoresponders increase business
Phil has also incorporated autoresponders with built-in health quotes into his marketing plan to automate the follow up process.

"The imbedded quote link in every autoresponder we send out is phenomenal. Often the first time people visit a website to get a quote, they're maybe looking at 3 or 4 websites, they're totally confused," says Phil. "Maybe by the third time they get an email from us, they decide, "I should take another look at this." They click on that link and they've got their quote right in front of them, without having to enter in any more information. I think that's fabulous and I think that gives us a lot of business."
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