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Testimonials: What General Agencies Are Saying

Discover how Norvax technology and insurance tools have made these general agencies more productive.

"What Norvax has done, and a lot of agents have realized this who use the Internet, is it's created just a different business model that allows a sole proprietor to present to the business community a larger front and a larger face and so it allows them to attract different customers. It allows them to do it on their terms and grow their business in ways that nobody had ever imagined that a sole proprietor could do working out of their home… I don't see another way to grow your individual book profitably and increase your revenue or your income consistently year after year without automating and using some kind of technology. So if a broker's primary goal is to maintain their lifestyle and not grow their business, and that's okay, then maybe the technology is not for them. However, if you're serious about growing your business and your goal is to increase your revenue and your income there is no other scalable way to do that than to implement technology like Norvax."
- John Kurath, Vice President of Sales of the Colorado Market, Warner Pacific

 "Some [carriers] are so conservative that it makes it prohibitive for agents to quote them. You're jumping through hoops just to quote their program. With Norvax, you go on there quote it, it's done. Agents in today's market are not going to jump through hoops when time is money. And they're going to go in there, and try to learn a new password and download it from the carrier? Just go to Norvax. Quote it. You're done… When you send a kit out to an agent, I don't know how many I get in the mail every day, they'll get it lay it off to the side they'll get to it when they have time. With Norvax, we can send an email blast to our field, put a link on there to the Norvax website. And it's there. It's in their inbox vs. the amount of money we used to spend on sending a kit to thousands of agents across the country was phenomenal. I can not tell you how much postage we would spend in a mailing, in one mailing, to get discs, to get rates, to get brochures, all that information to an agent to introduce a product. When now, with the assistance of Norvax, to be able to send a link that has the brochure, it has all that information and the rates in that one email, to our sales force saves thousands and thousands of dollars. Talking tens of thousands of dollars."
- Larry McClendon, CEO, National Insurance Agency

"I've had a relationship with Norvax for a number of years. I enjoy the talent and technology the organization offers. They understand the industry and the hurdles the agents and agencies face on a daily basis and consistently introduce platforms to streamline the process."
- Brian Fillweber, President, Safeway Financial

"I was spending 80% of my time looking after the website and keeping up the quote engine, and now I spend virtually no time with that. So I get to be a CEO. I get to plot the direction of the company, make sure we've got good people who are well-trained… [After switching to the Norvax quote engine] I instantly let my IT person go, so that's $3,000 to $5,000 a month. I spend about a small percentage of that with Norvax. And that includes the ability to quote nationwide, and BrokerOffice, autoresponders. Plus it's your worry, not my worry, to be compliant and have rates up to date and all of that. I sleep better at night."
- Phil Daigle, CEO, HealthCareShopper

"We are very pleased with the comprehensive nature of the system. It has greatly improved our efficiency, raised our conversion (closing) percentages and overall just made the sales process a faster, simpler process. Our telephone sales using this tool have gone up 35%. And we do it in LESS TIME. We are very pleased with the comprehensive nature of the system. It has greatly improved our efficiency, raised our conversion (closing) percentages and overall just made the sales process a faster, simpler process"

- G. Slack, GSAABenefits, Flagstaff, AZ
"The success our agents have enjoyed is saving time. Our sales are easier to handle. Our agents now can do the same work in that once took 30 min in 5 min. All our agents love it. We have about 60 agents and all of them are using this tool to their advantage. Eventually all our agents would like to have a quote engine of their own. Norvax has helped us to take that next step into the future. Before using Norvax our agents had to get quotes from every company individually. Now with the use of the quote engine our agents can get a quote from every company we deal with by filling out the clients information once and clicking a button. Great service and great people. Any agent can use this tool. You should at least test the demo and then try to say you couldn't use it. If you want t save time quoting then give Norvax a try."

- D. Oliver, Affiliated Health Insurers
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