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The Insurance Tools and Technology Agents Need for Improving Insurance Sales

Agents love our tools and insurance software because they make their jobs easier - but that's only half the story. Norvax also helps increase sales by bringing you more leads, and providing the tools to turn more of those leads into sales and commissions.

Start with More Leads.

Agents sinking money into direct mail campaigns or waiting for someone to notice their expensive Yellow Pages ad all have one thing in common: they're not getting enough leads for their investment.

There's an easier way to get a strong lead supply - and one that won't drain your budget.

Internet marketing is the solution for simple, affordable prospecting.

An insurance website gives you one useful, low-risk location to drive print ad and direct mail marketing traffic to. A fully interactive sales tool, the site lets interested prospects help themselves to instant quotes, carrier information, and online applications - managed with easy-to-use insurance software.

And every time a prospect requests a quote online, their full information is emailed to you instantly as a real-time lead.

Get your own carrier-compliant insurance website up and running in less than a week - at a fraction of the cost of hiring a web designer.

Purchasing internet-driven health insurance leads is another key strategy for successful agents. It's also the most cost-effective way to keep prospects streaming in. Internet leads are people who've gone online to shop for insurance. Their info is delivered instantly. All you have to do is quote them.

Add Online Sales Tools.

Just having a bunch of leads won't guarantee a fantastic return - especially if you're too busy to keep track of them and do enough follow-up. Norvax helps you improve sales with a secure database to store and manage all leads, and the insurance software tools to quote them and follow up instantly.

A quote engine is the biggest time-saver - letting you whip out multi-carrier quotes in just 60 seconds.

Lead management software lets you see where each lead is in the sales cycle, from quote, follow-up, sale, and renewal. Run reports to see which leads are making the most money - and which ones aren't up to par.

Use drip marketing tools to automatically email every new lead a personalized message, complete with a health insurance quote. Messages keep firing away for days, weeks, or even months. Turn old leads into gold by keeping tire kickers warm until they're ready to buy.

Watch The Sales Improve.

Online insurance sales tools aren't magic. But they do make quoting insurance so easy for you - and choosing and applying for a plan so simple for prospects - that you can significantly increase the number you close.

Not only does working leads get easier, saving so much time means you're able to quote more leads every day.

That's how agents are successfully putting Norvax insurance software and technology to use in their shops, and why they're getting serious results.  

Want to learn more about using Norvax tools to help improve your insurance sales? Get in touch with our Product Specialists, or take our sales tools for a spin with a live demo.

See how some of our clients have used Norvax tools to improve their sales.

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