Write More Policies... without Leaving the Office

Enjoy managing marketing, prospecting, quoting in a single easy-to-find place

Say 'good bye' to multiple databases. Wave 'so long' to copy and pasting. Bid 'adieu' to endless Excel spreadsheets to manage insurance marketing.

The suite of Norvax insurance tools were built to work together.

A recent survey showed that 50% of insurance purchases were web influenced in 2007. By 2011 this figure is expected to rise to 92% (Source: Celent).

To keep up with this growing trend of people shopping online for the products you sell, implement a system that empowers you to do everything in ONE place. Take Norvax's insurance tools and software - including an efficient lead management system and reliable quote engines - to boost sales and increase productivity.

Here's a brief overview of how an agency could run:

  1. A consumer has browsed online for some quotes and filled out a form to be contacted by local agents and has become an insurance lead.
  2. Within a minute or two that consumer's information is sent directly to your inbox as a fresh internet prospect.
  3. Before you've picked up the phone to call the new lead, the email autoresponder has sent a 'thank you' message. Inside that email is a comprehensive proposal that features all the plans that person's demographic info qualifies them for.
  4. Pick up the phone to call, and you catch them at the moment they're browsing your sent email. After a few minutes, you're walking them through the online proposal, and picking a plan that fits them.
  5. Through the online quoting tool, they click on 'Apply'. Guide them through the online application process with your carrier (where available) - and the paperless application is complete!
  6. After the call, you log in to the lead management solution, and make notes to set up the follow up call.
  7. While following up with the next prospect or lead, your email drip marketing is automatically sending out friendly messages promoting your other ancillary products.

Looking for an easier way to manage the agency and health insurance leads? Schedule a demo and see how easy it to use all Norvax's insurance tools in one easy-to-find place.

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