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Life before Insurance Agency Automation

We speak with agents all the time who can't believe the difference simple automation tools have made in their insurance agencies. In fact, they often laugh when they remember the days before automation.

Here's a quick "before and after" glimpse at the effects of agency automation tools for a few brokers around the country.

Data Entry before Agency Automation

  • Derrick J. stored lead information in a 3-ring binder. and had a hard time following up with prospects and customers.
  • Joe S. was paying an admin $13,500 a year to enter leads into a contact manager.
  • Phil D. had no way of tracking leads that requested quotes on his website, limiting his ability to follow up while interest was hot.

After Automation:

  • Derrick's leads are automatically stored in his lead management database. He can call them up instantly, and even pull information on policies he's sold customers when they call.
  • All of Joe's leads are automatically imported into his database. Now his admin is able to spend her time on tasks that make his agency money.
  • " Phil's automation tools and online database allows his agents to identify new online leads instantly and call them immediately.

Quoting before Agency Automation

  • Bill M. was using several carriers' online quoting software to run quotes. After packaging them up together, the entire process would take about 25 minutes.
  • Derrick used to tell prospects to "grab a pencil" when giving rates.
  • It cost Gloria K. $10,000 a year to mail out packets to prospects.
  • Bill P. had to hop in the car to go meet and try to close each prospect individually.

After Automation:

  • Bill M.'s quote engine lets him quote all his carriers in 60 seconds and shoot it all off in one easy-to-read email proposal - with easy-to-use software.
  • Now that Derrick's customers can compare plans side-by-side online using the quoting tool, they see his role is to help them purchase a plan, not just to sell them on something.
  • Now Gloria's prospects can view her proposals online. and she's using the $10,000 she's saving in postage to increase her internet marketing and purchase leads.
  • Now Bill P. does 100% of his individual health sales online and over the phone with the help of his quoting software. not across the kitchen table.

Marketing before Agency Automation

  • Gloria was spending $10,800 a year on Yellow Pages for unpredictable results.
  • Bill S. was spending 15 hours and $1,800 a week just on direct mailings to drum up leads.

After Automation:

  • Now that she has a website, Gloria has dropped her expensive ad and expanded her marketing area to include multiple states. Agency automation tools have increased her income by $35,000 a year.
  • Bill's saving $7,200 and 60 hours a month now that he's generating leads through his website.

Agency automation has made a big difference for agents nationwide. See what our tools can do for you.

If you're ready to discuss how agency automation tools can impact your shop, contact a Product Specialist, or set up your own a live demo today.

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