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Offline Agencies: What's The Cost of Staying Off The Web?

Agents can't afford to ignore internet health insurance leads and agency automation tools any longer. Not when you consider how much there is to lose while an agency remains offline.

The Appointments

Still driving around to meet prospects? On average, field appointments cost offline agents:

  • 400 hours windshield time or 2.5 months wasted drive time per year
  • 20,000 miles a year traveling to meet customers
  • $10,000 year in travel expenses

Agency automation tools let you quote prospects online and walk them through the entire application process over the phone - eliminating the need to hop in the car to make individual health sales. It's a lot more cost-effective. and a lot more convenient for every customer.

The Shrinking Audience

People aren't looking for insurance in the same places they did 10 years ago. 85% of people research online before they buy insurance (Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, 2006).

Among adult internet users in the U.S., the Web is the second most effective media for capturing attention. Nearly a quarter of users - 22.3% - report that the internet is the best way to get them to take notice. Only television beats the internet, capturing 49% of the attention (Burst Media, April 2006).

Without an agency website and a reliable source of internet-driven health insurance leads, you risk surrendering your share of this growing market to the competition.

The Mismanaged Time

You may be spending time on tasks that could be easily automated… dramatically lowering cost per sale and getting more leads. Ask yourself:

  • Do you spend more than 60 seconds generating a multi-carrier quote?
  • Do you spend time manually entering health insurance lead information into a database?
  • Do you assemble proposal packets by hand and then pay for postage?
  • Do you spend time copying and pasting follow-up emails to prospects?
  • Do you invest significant time and money in direct mail campaigns?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're spending time on a task that could be automated with simple web-based tools.

Why wouldn't you want more health insurance leads, increased productivity, and bigger profits? See exactly what our agency automation tools can do for your agency. Schedule an online demo, or get a free consultation by contacting a Product Specialist.

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