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What to Expect After Insurance Agency Automation

Norvax automation tools are designed to make selling insurance and running the agency easier. What happens after you've decided to put them to work in your agency?

Ramp-Up Time

Implementation is a simple process that only takes a few minutes out of the day. Once we've finished setting up the automation tools you'll need to configure them to fit your agency. This includes entering the right carrier IDs so you can begin running 60-second quotes.

We've designed our products to be as simple to use as a web browser. But you should still plan on spending a full hour to get familiar with how the new tools work. We encourage you to make this small time commitment soon after the tools are activated so you can begin using them right away to speed up sales.


If you'd like a guided, in-depth look at how to use these new agency software tools, take advantage of one of our live online trainings. Our trainings will quickly bring you up to speed and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Seeing Results from Agency Automation Tools

Automation software won't completely take over selling for you - no tool can do that. But they can help you create a solid online insurance sales system that you can grow and grow.

And once you're familiar with your Norvax tools you're ready to start improving the way you quote plans, communicate with prospects and write policies.

Some results you can expect right away:

  • Reduce time quoting. Once you've supplied carrier IDs, you're ready to start creating multi-carrier, email-ready quotes in 60 seconds.
  • Reduce postage costs. With quotes, carrier brochures and applications available online, you can significantly reduce mailings.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data entry. All purchased leads and website-generated leads are automatically stored in the lead management tool, BrokerOffice. This eliminates the need to enter lead info into a separate contact database.

As you begin to use the Norvax insuranve automation tools more and more, you'll be able to dramatically improve other areas as well. See the results our clients have had.

Would you like to discuss how agency automation software can help improve sales? Contact a Product Specialist now.

“This quote engine is AMAZING!  Also, I was able to set it up and get it going inside of 15 minutes. That's FULL integration with my existing site. And the power...oh my goodness. I am VERY excited! What a fantastic product.” - Michael J. Penner, CEO, MJ Penner Health and Life

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