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There are many reasons why over 6,500 agents choose Norvax for insurance automation and marketing technology. Here are six of the very best.

Trusted by the MOST Carriers

Norvax was the first company to offer a nationwide quote engine. We've put together the largest number of carriers and plans - more than ANY other quote engine on the market. We work hard to build strong carrier relationships so you can quote the largest and most competitive selection of health insurance products side-by-side.

Real Results

Our tools deliver concrete results for over 6,500 health insurance professionals. Some of our clients are enjoying five-figure income increases, Top Producer rankings, and record vacation time - all thanks to the efficient way their Norvax tools let them do business. See their results for yourself.

Accurate Rates

Your quote engine is only as good as the rates on it. That's why we use a thorough three-part development system and work with carriers to put rates through hundreds of tests before they're released on the quote engine. When you whip up a multi-carrier quote for a prospect, you can be confident you're delivering the most accurate rates possible.  

Reliable Performance

You can trust our technology to work hard for you around the clock. It was built by our expert team of developers using the same fast, dependable, and secure software and hardware preferred by the big web guys like Yahoo! and Amazon.

Easy to Use Right Out of the Box

We know you need tools to work for you right now. So we've designed ours to match formats agents are already comfortable with, like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. There's no giant learning curve to master, just sensibly designed, easy tools that you can use right away to start saving time in your agency.

Excellent Support

Our great programs come with great support - free. Need a quick product tutorial? Just join one of our free online trainings offered five days a week. Whether you just have a question or need custom support tailored to your agency's needs, our team is here to help.

We're Not an Agency

Norvax is in the technology business, not the insurance business. Unlike some technology companies out there, we don't employ insurance agents, and we don't profit from the policies you sell. Any commissions you make on sales using our tools are 100% your own.

We've dedicated ourselves fully to providing you with the best Web-based tools that can help improve your sales. Why should you settle for any less from your technology provider?

Find out if Norvax is the right choice for you. Talk to a Product Specialist today, or sign up for a free product demo.

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