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The Best Time to Send an Email

What’s the most important detail that is overlooked when sending emails? Timing. Statistically, emails receive higher open rates when sent at specific times – like the time of day, the day of the week, and even the time of the year!

Time of Day:

Research shows that two time gaps that have the highest open rates: 8-10 am and 2-4 pm. It would be to your advantage to send emails an hour before these specified times in order to achieve maximum open results. However, be cognizant of sending emails to different time zones. An email that is sent at 9 am EDT from New York will be received by someone in California at 6 am PDT.

Day of Week:

Emails sent during the middle of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – have optimal results as opposed to emails sent on weekends, at the beginning of a week, and at the end of a week.

Time of the year:

Before and after vacation times and holidays can be an inopportune time to reach clients via email. Be mindful of the emails you send and when you send them, as there is a good chance your prospect is receiving several other promotions, blog updates, newsletters and emails from businesses alike and open rates drop drastically around holiday and vacation times.

What's really important...

Don’t wait for the perfect time to send your emails because there may never be one. As a prospect and consumer yourself, you’ve probably experienced times during the week, month, or year that are busy, where you are not as receptive to emails. Do your best to find a time when your clients are likely to act but don’t obsess when it is time to hit send.

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