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What Does Your Email Font Say About You?

As an agent, you want to project a professional image in all of your interactions with prospects - including your emails.

Depending on your choice, you may come across as youthful, rebellious, unstable, less trustworthy or less professional, which may not be exactly what you intended. A study conducted by Wichita State University found that the choice of font can impact the impression you make on your email readers. The study tested several popular fonts for "appropriateness" in a business communication setting and the findings proved most interesting.

Most Appropriate Fonts

(Ranked from highly appropriate to moderately appropriate)

The most important conclusion drawn from the results was the lower a font ranked in appropriateness, the more likely a reader was to assume the writer was a lower level trainee employee and less mature.

Overall, the sans serif fonts (fonts that do not have extra ornamentation) ranked the highest because they are very crisp and have a higher readability percentage compared to serif fonts, which have extra ornamentation on the ends that can make reading more challenging.

Keep in mind that your font choice may create an unprofessional first impression if you're not careful. Steer clear of playful, "novelty" fonts that may not truly represent your level of experience, but remember your audience, too. Not all fonts are equally readable - especially on a computer screen. Fonts with wider, more open shapes - including Verdana and Georgia - are easier to read. If you frequently send emails to an older audience, consider using one of these "easy on the eyes" fonts.

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