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Integrated e-Marketplace Insurance Carrier Partnerships

Consumers use the Internet to search for and purchase insurance products directly, as well as seek out independent brokers to guide them through the process.

Our carrier partnership programs allow you to support broker channel productivity as well as serve online consumers seeking your products on customized e-commerce websites.

Utilizing our online marketing and lead generation specialist teams, we provide you with 3 core capabilities to grow sales through all purchase points.

Engaging Consumers

Our sister company ProspectZone connects with over 100,000 qualified online insurance shoppers a month.

  • Internet prospecting leader with 500+ education and prospecting websites
  • Unmatched network of affiliates and aggressive pay-per-click advertising
  • Award-winning consumer brands
  • Specialized team organized to deliver quality prospects to Norvax partners at a low cost

Learn more about our insurance lead generation programs.

Engaging The Sales Channels

Norvax equips brokers and internal sales channels with the number one insurance sales automation software available, helping them increase the permanent cases they place for your company.

  • Our unrivaled broker CRM platform gives users control over the entire sales cycle, from new leads generated to renewals.
  • Our enterprise-level lead distribution and performance tracking systems enhance channel productivity.

Explore the results independent brokers experience using Norvax technology.

Creating Loyal Members

We work with you to create a structured loyalty program, leveraging the power of the Internet and the Norvax technology platform.

Let us help you build:

  • Ancillary cross-selling programs to drive share of customer gains
  • "Yours-For-Life" retention programs to reduce voluntary lapses
  • Tailored affinity programs to target "no margin, no mission" customers

Learn more about the revenue possibilities the internet channel offers, and why insurance companies are working with us.

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