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A one stop insurance CRM system to manage your prospects and customers more efficiently.

  • Total sales lead pipeline management
  • No installation, easy set up
  • Reliable access allows you to work from anywhere, anytime
  • Create and send multi-carrier, detailed proposals with one click

With BrokerOffice, say goodbye to unproductive administrative work!

Contact, quote and close more leads with our lead management and distribution software, BrokerOffice. Our CRM is built specifically for insurance agents, allow you import, track and quote leads instantly.

Lead tracking & distribution

  • Manage and distribute every lead from ONE central online location - work from home or anywhere there's access to the internet
  • Instantly pull up prospect information and recent proposals
  • Track every email, phone, fax or regular mail contact you have with your prospect
  • Use our appointment scheduler to stay on top of your prospects

Secure data storage

  • Limit the access of your files to only the people you choose and minimize the chances of prospect files falling into the wrong hands.
  • Norvax server systems are continuously and automatically monitored every 2 seconds, and our 24-hour network technicians can immediately handle any network issues. Built-in redundancies mean the system will continue working even if a part of it is experiencing difficulties.

Lead & sales reporting

  • Run reports to get a real-time snapshot of your Cost per Lead and conversion ratios
  • Use BrokerOffice's tracking feature to compare ROIs of your different lead sources, to better allocate your lead budget toward the best-performing leads.

Client Communication

  • BrokerOffice puts all your lead contact information at your fingertips wherever and whenever you want it. As long as you can get on the Internet, you've got 24-hour access to all your lead data.
  • When combined with the powerful Norvax Quote Engine, you can use BrokerOffice to prepare and deliver custom proposals with the most current pricing to each prospect.
  • Gain access You can also tap into the document library of pre-published carrier forms and brochures.
  • Use our appointment scheduler to set future phone calls, meetings, email messages and other tasks. Once it's time to reach out again, BrokerOffice will send you a friendly reminder.

Document Management

  • With BrokerOffice, you can instantly deliver carrier or plans and brochures directly to your prospect.
  • The BrokerOffice lead management system integrates with the Norvax Quote Engine, so you can create updated proposals in seconds.
  • Your customers can start an application, stop, return and start where they left off and submit directly to the carrier.
  • Upon closing a prospect, instantly send carrier applications directly to their inbox.
  • Have a custom form you want to use? The BrokerOffice document management system also lets you upload your own brochures for easier access and delivery.


  • Take advantage of our resources, including e-books, articles and webinars to help you put your marketing and BrokerOffice tool into overdrive - free for BrokerOffice clients.