Looking for a great job?  Norvax is hiring!

Top 10 Reasons To Work At Norvax

  1. You never stop at “good enough.”.
    Defining “your best” is next to impossible- because you’re on a lifelong mission to find it.

  2. A zero-pressure environment makes you yawn.
    You come to work ready for the day's challenges, and pressure rolls off your back. You thrive when under the gun, tackle every project with energy and then shrug your shoulders and say "What's next?"

  3. Putting the client’s success first is instinctual.
    Successful clients are in it for the long term, and helping them grow is what our business is built on.

  4. You can be Gumby when needed.
    In other words, are you flexible? Can you change gears without flinching? In the fast-paced world of software development and online marketing, we need people who can juggle priorities — without ever dropping one.

  5. You enjoy being part of a family.
    We started small, and that tight-knit feeling still runs deep.

  6. You thrive around bright, goal-driven people.
    You love super-charged discussions, throwing ideas back and forth, and being inspired by those around you to reach new heights.

  7. You want to work and play in downtown Chicago.
    Our new office is located in Chicago’s lively River North area. Just steps from public transportation, art galleries, restaurants and nightlife — when work’s done, you’re already where you want to be.

  8. You want to work with a software company that’s rocking its market.
    We've worked hard to become the leading name in health insurance software. That's why we keep growing. and growing. and growing. You get the idea.

  9. You want a company that’s got you covered.
    What kind of insurance software company would we be if we didn't offer health insurance? All full-timers get a generous health plan, including dental.

  10.  You want room to grow.
    You don’t want to be pinned down by a job description, and we don’t expect you to be. Initiative and creativity is encouraged. We welcome everyone to build new opportunities for themselves.