Looking for a great job?  Norvax is hiring!

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Work at Norvax

  1. You prefer the slow lane.
    We move at lightning speeds. Can you keep up?

  2. You have trouble shifting gears.
    You will get interrupted here, and we need people who are light on their feet when new challenges pop up — and are good natured about it.

  3. You're a lone ranger.
    At Norvax, you're only an “employee” on the paperwork. Here, you’re a teammate who’s eager to collaborate.

  4. You can’t handle constructive criticism.
    We’re always learning from each other, and sometimes that means you have to gracefully accept well-meaning constructive criticism. Fragile egos may want to look elsewhere.

  5. You suffer from “not me” syndrome.
    No finger pointing. No excuses. You are accountable for the quality of your work. Just the results, please.

  6. You’re content with “good enough”.
    We learn something new from everything we do and are always trying to one up ourselves.

  7. You want to put it on cruise control.
    There are a lot of opportunities here at Norvax, and we’re looking for people who are ready to grab them when the time’s right.

  8. You don’t handle change well.
    The world of software development and online marketing can change overnight. It’s exciting, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

  9. You don’t think BIG.
    We love innovators. Will you give us our next big idea?

  10. You were voted “most serious” in high school.
    We’re serious about doing amazing work. But we know how to have a good time doing it.